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BID joins Liveable Neighbourhoods Group

19 March 2018

The BID has been invited to join the Liveable Neighbourhoods Stakeholder Group.  The initial meeting is being held on 28th March at the Orchard Cafe.

Alongside In West Ealing BID the group will bring together key interested parties including: West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum; St John’s School; Ealing Cycling Campaign; Ealing Community and Voluntary Service; Catalyst Housing Association; Make Uxbridge Road Safe Campaign; Clarion Housing Association; Metropolitan Police; West Ealing Neighbours; The Solace Centre; OPEN Ealing; London Borough of Ealing and Transport for London.

The initial meeting will seek to provide a clear understanding of the funding and the core project aims within the wider strategic objectives for London as well as setting out roles and responsibilities of group members.

In West Ealing have already taken the opportunity to carry out a walk around West Ealing with the Council Project leads to go through the BID ‘wishlist’ and highlight opportunities for partnership working to make improvements.

The Liveable Neighbourhood programme will run for three years from April 2018 and includes key areas such as Dean Gardens, Melbourne Avenue and Uxbridge Road.

You can find out more about the Liveable Neighbourhoods funding online.  Updates will added to the BID website and included in your monthly newsletter.