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Shutter shock!

15 January 2018

I & H Stores have installed images of babies and young children on their shutters - but why? Read on.

As you travel into West Ealing you will notice new cheerful shutters on the front of I & H Stores, 28 – 34 Broadway, depicting three young children smiling out at you.  These colourful images certainly brighten up a dull day but what’s the reason behind them?

It turns out that the images are part of a plan to manage anti-social behaviour in the area.  According to research seeing a baby or a young child’s face can have a significant impact on an adult, including bringing out a caring response.

Similar schemes have been trialled in South-East London in Woolwich and have received a positive welcome from the local community.  What do you think?

I & H Stores is a family-run business and one of the oldest stores in West Ealing.  I & H offer an extensive range of ready-made curtains, net curtains, bedding and household linens, various types of curtain tracks and poles.